About Us

Welcome to Zeus Practical, home of quality products for the serious shooter. With 30 years in custom leather work and in the concealed carry market and nearly as many in action pistol competition, we have used our collective experience to produce and provide a line of holsters to appeal to every shooter. Our offerings include an OWB and an IWB holster with Speedease clips or belt clips that allow 15 degrees of cant in either direction in a comfortable configuration and a non canted model to imitate the postion of our Gamer holster or other competition rig. We are also offering single mag pouches employing the same attachment options and adding the versatility that double pouches fail to offer. We challenge you to find a more comfortable way to carry a large handgun than our Virginia Slide while also allowing the ease of taking it off without removing your belt. Our competiton model, The Gamer, uses a lined or double layered design which imitates the lining that we and our customers preferred in our leather holsters.

These are not necessarily new offerings, we have just cut the price so that everyone can afford them. We will offer these designs for the top selling handguns initially and will expand our selection as time will allow. 

Please be assured that you are buying a quality product made by shooters that will give as good or better service as any comparable holster on the market without draining your pocketbook. When you receive a holster from us you will notice that we use the same material, hardware and mountings as the other guys or in many cases a new thermoplastic offering a much more durable and heat resistant material known as Holstex. To further help keep our prices low we won't have anyone to answer a phone but e-mail us with questions or orders and we will respond within 24 hours. Thanks for your patronage, be safe and good shooting.